Welcome to Aerospace Engineering

With recent technological developments, manufacturers are foreseeing a need for a new generation of skilled engineers to build, maintain and repair sophisticated aircraft. At CEMAST, as well as studying current aerospace technologies you’ll be able to learn about advances such as composite structures, fly-by-wire interfaces and high bypass ratio turbofan technologies that will feature in the aircraft of the future.

Our extensive aerospace training facilities include composite repair benches, a full-size helicopter and a Provost jet aeroplane for you to work on and develop the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to begin your career.

Your Future is Bright

Career Path

If you’re a practical, hands-on sort of person who enjoys getting stuck in, an Aerospace Engineering course could be just what you’re looking for. Getting skilled in this field will give you the start you need in a trade that is always in high demand. Our teachers are vocational experts and use their skills and experience very effectively to motivate and support students to achieve.

Jobs in Sector

Courses will prepare Student for a terrific career in the industry. Graduates go on to perform a number of industry-related careers including:

  • Fluid mechanical engineer
  • Astrodynamicist
  • Propulsion technologist
  • Composite engineer
  • Control engineer
  • Aircraft structural engineer
  • Avionics and instrumentation engineer
  • Aeroacoustics engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Material engineer

Additional Information

A full CEMAST uniform and safety equipment must be purchased by new students when they join. This will include overalls, steel toe cap safety shoes, safety glasses and a polo shirt to be worn when on campus.

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