Your Questions Answered

You’ve already cut down trees next to the A27, will you be building there?

No, a covenant on the land forbids building within 25 metres of the road. Land close to the A27 will be used temporarily as the contractor’s access road and works compound and restored to landscaped green space with trees after the work is over.

There’s nothing wrong with the old buildings

They have been well maintained over the years but much of the College dates back to the 1960s and is no longer fit for purpose – for example windows with single glazed windows are draughty and expensive to heat.  Teaching rooms designed for secondary education in the 1970s don’t provide industry standard learning spaces, we now need to replicate 21st Century working environments.

The site will be a blot on the landscape for months

During the construction phase, the site will be surrounded by a tall safety hoarding. We will use it as a way of posting updates to people in Fareham about the progress of the project, reminding everyone that it will be business as usual at our restaurant, hairdressers and theatre throughout the work. It will also give us the opportunity to present and share College activities and student success stories. The building work will be completed by autumn 2015.

You’re already spending millions on CEMAST, why do you have to put up more new buildings?

CEMAST is a fantastic development to educate our future engineers but we wanted all Fareham College students to enjoy the best facilities. It makes sense to complete all the work at the same time, as sensitively as possible, so that all our students can benefit from the new teaching spaces as soon as possible.

You will be building on your parkland

A small amount of green space will be built on in the second phase of the development as part of the approved housing development.  The majority of the field to the east of the College will be preserved and gifted to Fareham Council to create a new public park.  Sport England raised an objection to our plans but it was overruled by the local and national planning authorities.

Why are you making money by selling off land for houses?

We’ve bought more land from the HCA at Daedalus than we are selling at the main Fareham campus. With the opening of CEMAST, Fareham College doesn’t need so much teaching space in the town centre. Selling some of our land for much-needed housing in the borough helps finance the building of a modern 21st century College for our young people.

Times are hard, how can you afford it?

Our £28m redevelopment programme has attracted £17 million in grants and loans from Hampshire County Council, the Solent Local Economic Partnership, the Skills Funding Agency and the Regional Growth Fund. We are making up the difference by demolishing our oldest buildings and selling that land (3.25 hectares) at the south of the College estate to a quality house builder.

There are already too many cars in the area - what are you doing about parking?

We commissioned a detailed transport assessment as part of our planning application which was reviewed by Hampshire County Council. Because we are moving a large part of our provision to CEMAST, even after the housing is built, we believe there will be fewer rather than more cars using Bishopsfield Road.  But we are not complacent and that’s why we’re introducing a range of measures in our new travel plan including better facilities for cyclists, paying staff to cycle to work and introducing modest parking charges for staff and students. We are also investing nearly £250,000 a year on a new CEMAST & Fareham College bus service and providing travel grants to encourage learners to use our excellent public transport links.

Weren't local people ‘up in arms’ at the development?

We consulted widely in September 2013 on our outline plans when we knew what we wanted to do. Some of our direct neighbours objected to our proposals and we worked closely with them to resolve most of their issues. Although there were six objections to our scheme at the local authority planning meeting, Fareham councillors approved our plans. We will be keeping neighbours, stakeholders and the wider community informed of the progress of the project and we look forward to inviting everybody to come and see Fareham College re-designed for the 21st century when the main works are completed in 2015.

Students’ education will be ruined by noisy construction work

Although builders will move on site in May 2014, demolition won’t start until the end of term in early July; it will be over by the start of the autumn term.  We will plan the noisiest work outside of the busiest teaching time. Experienced project managers will ensure the site is always kept neat and tidy throughout the project Any noisy work should be known about in advance so that we can re-timetable sessions elsewhere on campus to minimize  disruption.

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