The New Fareham College: Redesigned

We have created new learning spaces to help shape the future careers of thousands of young people and adults. We invested £28m between 2013 and 2015 in new technology and facilities to help provide learners from Fareham, Gosport and surrounding areas with the very best educational experience. Put simply, our aim was to build an outstanding College.

Our new £12 million Centre of Excellence in Engineering Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Training – CEMAST – opened September 2014. Work on the new £16 million Bishopsfield Road Campus at Fareham College, which started in June 2014, is now complete. We have created state-of-the-art facilities for our new learners with workshops, laboratories, studios and training suites that enable students to learn in realistic working environments. The new campus offers workshops for a wide range of Construction trades, a Digital Industries Lab, a fully integrated Media, Music and Performing Arts Suite, plus an on-site Gym and Sports Centre. Our commercially successful Avenue 141 fine dining restaurant and newly opened Salon 141 continue to offer our students a working dimension to their studies. The Bishopsfield Road Campus offers the very best technical and professional training in Hampshire.

Progress in Time Lapse*

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BRC Project Updates: In Brief

Week 39

  • Last week we completed the moves of staff from their old staff rooms in C,W,Y,R,S and T buildings into the new staff rooms in A and B buildings.
  • With a few finishing touches the two upper floors of B building are almost ready for teaching in September.
  • From Monday 13 July external works at the front of the campus will commence in earnest. We need to create four new parking bays at the front of the main College entrance as well as build new car parking in front of A and create new cycle shelters at the front of the painting and decorating studios.

Week 38

  • It is busy it on site as the groundwork and internal fit out teams are seen working on the new atrium space between the new building and building A as well as working outside to create the new terrace and new grass quadrants in the courtyard.
  • All the glazing in place, facades complete and internal works well underway the new building is rapidly taking form.
  • The crates arrive on Monday for staff to pack their belongings ready for the move to new staff rooms on 7 July. All staff will be moved from their existing offices on the South Site into new staff rooms in A and B building next week.

Week 37

  • Works to construct the new nursery space in the William Price Trust building are progressing apace. We are delighted that Kidz Inc, our nursery partner has just secured an ‘Outstanding on all counts’ Ofsted Inspection outcome.
  • Student social spaces have been a considered factor during the development and one purpose built area has been dedicated to this purpose. The ground floor of B building will have an area with vending machines, wifi, tables and seating for students.There will also be fixed seating on the first floor of the new building and the lobby area in A building will have stools to enable informal break out working to take place in the Art Zone.
  • Work is underway in the courtyard which will include a terrace area to the South of the new building, feature steps from the Avenue walkway between the Avenue 141 Bistro and the hair training salon, and raised beds with grass and perimeter seating.
  • This week we have also finalised the orders for furniture for B building to ensure that tables and chairs arrive in good time for a September start.

Week 36

  • The new lift shaft is underway which will provide full disabled access to the new building plus A and B buildings.
  • The temporary crane that is being used to lift the glass panes into the new building is on site.
  • We have installed hardboard/acoustic panel/foam/hardboard/acoustic panel and plasterboard ceiling throughout the ground floor of the new building to help insulate any bass reverberations that may come from the performing art spaces above.
  • The IT teaching rooms are ready 15 weeks before teaching starts next year.
  • The science rooms have fixed power, water and gas stations but are then designed to allow 4 different table layouts depending on subject, room occupancy and teaching style.

Week 35

      • This week the windows were installed to the first floor of the music rooms in the new building.
      • Scaffolding was dismantled to reveal the new building.
      • Inside the building the ceiling and ductwork for the training salon is now in place.
      • The bridge across from the new build to A is taking shape. We’ve now removed some of the bricks in A building ready to break through between the two buildings.
      • Work on the top floor of B building is now nearing completion. We are looking forward to moving staff into B building before the end of term.
      • The audio visual installation of the science labs in B building is progressing well.

Week 34

      • During this week there were over 100 operatives working on site painting, installing mechanical systems, wiring, scaffolding, building furniture, cladding and laying floor coverings.
      • The Trespa cladding to the roof of A building has now been installed.
      • In the new building, several layers of plasterboard and ply have been installed below the Rockwall to give a good acoustic barrier between the first and ground floors.
      • The ceiling has now been painted and local cooling/heating fans have been installed.
      • Scaffolding has started to be dismantled from the new building.
      • Works to complete the internal making good in the Sports Hall are nearing completion.
      • The view into the courtyard from the new pedestrian walkway is beginning to take shape.

Week 33

      • On Monday 27 April our tower crane was dismantled and safely taken off site.
      • All the metal cladding of the new build is complete and we are approaching the final few months of activity on the northern part of our site.
      • The contractor has started to install the copper red Trespa cladding on the roof of the new build.
      • Inside the gaming and computing studio the walls have been plastered, fire and intruder alarm wiring installed and the hangers for the air-handling units have been fixed to the concrete soffit.
      • Meanwhile along in the hairdressing suite the contractor has begun installing the acoustic baffling to the ceiling.
      • The cladding work on the existing sports hall is nearly finished. Over the weekend new doors were installed on the west elevation. The contractor will be working the next 2/3 weekends to finish off the internal works to this building and removing the old windows.

Week 32

      • The steel frame for the atrium between A building and the new building was erected over the Easter holiday.
      • We’ve begun to fix the new fire and emergency alarm cabling onto the ceiling of the ground floor of the new building.
      • Windows are being installed to the new fitness suite in b Building.
      • We’ve completed the new roofing on the side of A building.
      • The link between A and B building has now been re-clad with feature slit windows which reveal views across to C building and the new building.
      • Three quarters of the cladding of the new building has now been installed.
      • Over Easter we’ve moved the heating of all of the North Site (buildings A-D) to the new Energy Centre. Our old oil fired boiler house continues to supply hot water to the South of the site.
      • The contractor has begun clearing the soil ready for the landscaping and installation of the MUGA on the east of the College site.

Week 31

      • Over the last two weeks the dark grey Kingspan panels have been attached to the metal frame which we have installed around the existing 1968 F building. These, together with the new opening windows with their opaque glazing, have totally changed the appearance of our sports hall.
      • Lights have been installed on the top floor of B building.
      • The ceiling grids on the first and second floors can now be clearly seen from the courtyard. The glazing along the ground floor elevation facing the courtyard is 90% complete.
      • The shape of the new fitness suite is now visible from the courtyard, as is the new social area/informal study area next to the fitness suite that will form the route from the main William Price building into B, D and E buildings.
      • In the carpentry workshop we have installed an extract unit to help manage woodwork dust in this area.
      • New entrance mats have been installed into Avenue 141, the main teaching area and the staff lounge.
      • Over the last two weeks there has been some significant movement to the appearance of the new building. The metal frames that will hold both the cladding to the sides and the Trespa panels on the roof have been installed and scaffolding has been erected around the building to enable the site team to safely install the cladding.

Week 30

      • On the new building the metal framing onto which the cladding system will be hung is being installed around the building.
      • The blue brickwork on the ground floor is nearing completion.
      • Work is several weeks ahead of schedule in B building. All the walls on the first and second floor have been plastered, the ceiling grids are in place on the 2nd floor, installation of data and power trays and cabling has commenced and new radiators with iron pipe work are installed on the upper floors.
      • This last week has seen the removal of the ground floor windows on the north façade and the installation of the new curtain walling with floor to ceiling windows.
      • The cladding brackets are nearly complete on F building. The Kingspan cladding system will start to be installed very soon.

Week 29

      • Work is progressing well on the new build – block work walls are under construction and the steel for the roof frame is being installed.
      • Blinds to the offices and changing rooms in D building will be installed by the end of this week.
      • In B building, the new windows and cladding has progressed on both the North and South elevation.
      • This week the team are installing the brackets to take the cladding systems around the east elevation of B.
      • Inside B building the plastering work on the second and first floor has been completed. Ceiling tiles are going in on the second floor and the M&E first fix is progressing well throughout.
      • Brackets and metal rails are being installed to the Sports Hall ready to take the new Kingspan cladding – which will match the ground floor of A building and the Energy Centre.

Week 28

  • The contractor has completed works to the cladding of the ground floor entrance area of A Building. Over half term we moved all of the carpentry equipment out and painted the floors.
  • The old caretaker’s house has been hoarded off ready for its demolition later in March.
  • The contractor has now completed works to the external doors and installed the Teleflex winders to the high level windows in D building.
  • The work to install the new cladding panels and windows on B builing has continued at a rapid pace over the last few weeks. Internally the strip out is complete, plastering is well underway and the mechanical and electrical installation work progressing rapidly throughout the building.
  • We successfully moved the server room from the second floor to its new home on the ground floor over half term.
  • We have commenced work on the cladding and external works to the Sports Hall. The earth between F and D buildings has been removed.
  • Meanwhile bricks have been removed from the East elevation of the Sports Hall to allow us to fix the new cladding onto the steel work.

Week 27

  • The final pouring of concrete for the new building roof takes place this week. Block work to divide the teaching spaces up will also commence this week.
  • We have closed off the walkway under B building. Access to D building will now be via the East of F building until the new enclosed foyer is created as part of the campus redevelopment.
  • Blinds will be installed in the rest of the building this week. The bark chippings outside Avenue 141 are a temporary measure, we think they look much better than the muddy patches we had before!

Week 26

    • We agreed a variation with the contractor to move from a lightweight metal to concrete structural roof for the top of the new building. The first third of that roof was poured last week.
    • Brackets to hang the new cladding system rails on have been installed on the majority of the South and North facades of B Building. The South Façade now shows off its new windows and cladding panels on the upper floor.
    • The noisy works to break up the concrete slab by the old Carpentry workshops have been completed and plastering of the walls in B building has commenced.
    • The Contractor has dug a rather large hole in the courtyard of the northern campus for the attenuation tank.
    • The new lift shaft between the new building and A building is taking shape.
    • Works to D building are nearly, but not quite, finished. There has been a delay in receiving materials to site which meant that the final finishing pieces around each of the external doors are yet to be installed.

Week 25

    • Last week we celebrated the completion of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of A building, the opening of the painting & decorating and carpentry workshops plus the completion of the concrete structure to the first floor of the new building.
    • The strip out of B building is now well advanced on the two upper floors.
    • Brackets to hang the new cladding system rails on have been installed on the majority of the South and North facades.
    • Final works are taking place this week on the external cladding, door and window installation of D building. The new glazing to Avenue 141 looks stunning.
    • The contractor is cutting out new spaces for additional parking to the West of A and the William Price building.
    • We are breaking up the old concrete slab where the carpentry tent used to sit to create the new courtyard area between B and William Price Building.
    • Work is commencing on the courtyard between B and D building – this will involve the digging of a large area to create the new storm water attenuation tank and new pathways.

Week 24

    • This is now the second week of teaching in the newly refurbished A building. As of Monday this week the ground floor lobby area was opened up allowing access to toilets on this level.
    • Following feedback from staff and students we have swapped over the wheels on the Robin Day Polo chairs for casters and they are now working well.
    • On Monday this week we took occupation of both the painting & decorating and carpentry workshops. The painting and decorating workshop is much brighter and has more space than the old B building spaces.
    • Students and staff in carpentry have been working this week to fit out their new workshop and have responded to this challenge really well.
    • Ground floor and corner cladding panels have been installed this week and good progress has been made with the sets of double doors and the new folding doors in Avenue 141.
    • The top floor of B Building is now fully stripped – ceilings, carpets, old furniture are now all out.
    • D&B facades have made good progress installing the brackets for the over-cladding on both the North and South elevations this week.
    • Laying of the final deck on the top floor roof of the new building has taken place.
    • Work has commenced this week cutting into the bank to the north of the main college entrance.
    • The concrete base for the new pathway between the new building and D building is being installed this week.
    • Elsewhere, the cladding of the energy centre is progressing well.

Week 23

    • We welcomed students and staff into the new teaching spaces following a busy weekend of work inside the building, including cleaning and final corridor painting.
    • We are working collaboratively with the contractor to empty B building as quickly as possible in order for them to maintain the momentum on the programme they have developed in the last 2/3 months.
    • Cladding of D building is in its final stages with new doors installed this week to the ground floors.
    • The first floor concrete slab and pillars have been laid in the new building and the final concrete for the roof top is being laid.

Week 22

    • We took possession of the first, second and third floors of A building on 23 December.
    • The IT team came in over Christmas (thank you team!) to install the switches and PCS into the two IT teaching rooms and the general purpose classrooms ready for teaching next week.
    • New chairs and tables for the classrooms on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors have all been installed and laid out ready for teaching.
    • The 14 IWB speaker sets have been installed.
    • Sport and uniformed Services were able to tour the new building and the third floor where the subjects will be moving to.
    • Work has commenced to strip out the bar ready for further works to the restaurant – removal of brick/block work onto the courtyard, installation of new doors and windows, and making good internally.

Week 21

      • It has been a busy week on site. We are grateful to the 100+ men and women who have been working hard to help create our outstanding new college.
      • The energy centre is up and running and we have heat into A building and the workshops. This is a key part of our CO2 reduction strategy as we shift from old oil to modern gas fired boilers.
      • In D building works have continued this week with corner panels and internal finishes to the new deeper window sills.
      • For the new building the second half of the first floor slab has been poured and power floated. In addition the columns and internal walls of the first half of the first floor slab have been erected.
      • New chairs and tables for A building arrived today Thursday 18 December. These are for the classrooms and staff rooms on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor.
      • Our AV partner has commenced the installation of the 14 IWB and speaker sets. These whiteboards are multipurpose – allowing a traditional pen to be used but also completely interactivity similar to the new teaching walls we created at CEMAST.

Week 20

      • Installation of the new cladding on D building continued, which is home to our Catering and Early Years team.
      • Good progress has been made on the re-cladding of A building.
      • We achieved ‘power on’ on Sunday 7th December which means all the new lights in classroom ceilings and stairwell corridors are working.
      • The fixed furniture for the staff rooms and IT rooms in A building is all under construction now that lights, ceiling tiles and flooring is in place.
      • The new permanent gas supply has been installed to the energy centre which means we will have heat and power to this new building ready for occupation in January.
      • Floors for our music studios, mac suite and media/TV and photography suite is now in place.

Week 19

      • The roof of the energy centre and the entrance louvre doors are now in place.
      • The railings for the cladding system have been installed in D building and on the west elevation of A building.
      • Windows have begun to be installed on the outside of both D and A buildings
      • Concrete for the stairwell from music to the courtyard has begun to be poured and the contractor has erected metal scaffolding ready to pour the first floor concrete slab.
      • The gas main is being connected into the energy centre which will then allow the refurbished building to be heated directly from this new source.
      • Over in A building latex has been laid on the floors and the carpet fitters are working their way (rapidly) down from the 3rd floor.
      • On the ground floor the old exposed internal brickwork has been plastered over which totally transforms the space.
      • We have reported that Phase 1 is due to complete in the Spring but we are now confident that we will be occupying parts of A building early in 2015 well before the Spring starts!

Week 17

      • The remaining angle brackets were installed in D building.
      • Rails to hold the external cladding were installed on the South side of D building.
      • Work started on A building to cut open areas to reveal the steel works for the angle brackets on the West elevation.
      • Ceiling grids were installed in the first floor of A building.
      • The cracks in the stair case walls of A building were repaired.
      • Latex was laid to even out the floors of A building level 2 to 3.
      • Decoration of the 3rd floor progressed well with wall paint and skirting both complete.
      • Plastering of walls on the ground floor commenced.
      • Carpenters completed architraves and skirting works in A building floors 1 to 3.
      • Carpenters began constructing the painting and decorating cubicles in the P&D area.
      • New electrical distribution boards have been installed on the 1st floor

Week 16

      • Ceiling grids have been installed in the 2nd and 3 rd Floor of A building
      • Installation of mechanical and electrical works in A and B building workshops has progressed with heating pipes now connected into the workshop areas and cabling on the 2nd and 1st Floors of A building.
      • Structural Steel work was completed to the energy centre.
      • Big Bertha, the tower crane, is in place. The crane moves with the wind when it is not in use so do not be alarmed if it moves position overnight.
      • Works to prepare for the pouring of the ground floor slab of the new building has been completed.
      • Foundations for the new lift for the new building have been laid.
      • 80% of the angle brackets have been installed onto D building ready for the cladding to commence.

Week 12

      • In A building the contractor completed the spray painting of more of the 2nd floor & 1st floor walls.
      • Radiators, data and power trunking are being installed on walls in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of A building.
      • Over 100m3 of concrete was poured for the foundations of the new building – including the stairway nearest to A building.
      • The block work walls to the energy centre have not yet started to be built.
      • On Thursday and Friday the tarmac was laid to the car parking areas that have been created to the East and North of D building.
      • The floor coverings have been removed from the stairways in A building.

Week 11

      • The final phase of demolition of the ground floor slab of the old A building extension took place.  North Hall is no more.
      • Plastering of the new partition walls in A building on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors continued during the week.
      • The picture below shows a panoramic shot on the 2nd floor of newly plastered and painted walls:
      • 60m3 of additional concrete was poured into the foundations of the new building.
      • The floor trenches and rises along the old engineering corridor and into A building have begun to be cleared of old and now redundant pipe work:
      • The first draft plan for the sequence of cladding works to D building has been put together.
      • Wind-posts were installed on the energy centre base.
      • The clear-out of the old Engineering workshops has progressed well.

Week 10

      • We completed the demolition of the single storey A building.
      • The breaking up of the slab foundation under the old A building extension continued last week.
      • New partition walls were installed in A building 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.
      • The first fix of power, data and plumbing in A building continued on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.
      • 100m3 of concrete was poured for  the foundations for the East end of the New Building.
      • 200 tonnes of stone was delivered to site to lay the base of the new car parking areas to the East and North of D building.
      • The fencing around the new energy centre has been moved to allow 2 way traffic to operate around the site.

Week 9

      • The new construction access road off the Avenue and onto the loop was completed. This has helped move most of the construction traffic off our education campus area.
      • Tarmac was laid between C and M buildings and the paving at the front of C building was all made good. This improves pedestrian flow and allows cycle racks to be used more easily.
      • The first load of concrete was poured to form the base of the new energy centre.
      • In A building plastering of walls on the top two floors progressed well.
      • The old engineering workshops have been cleared – ready for converting into carpentry and brickwork workshops.
      • Plans to relocate the main IT server within the works to section 1 – next to the existing communication room have been agreed.
      • The contractor continued their work to carefully take down the single storey A building including starting to break up the slab of this building on Saturday morning.
      • Plastering of the first and second floor of A building continued;  the new walls look much better than before.
      • The first fix – plumbing, power and data trunking installation progressed in A building.
      • The contractor has let the contract for the external recladding using the originally specified metal cassette system with a silver finish.
      • We reviewed and signed off internal elevation layouts for the classrooms, staff rooms and IT rooms in Building and began the process of finalising light fittings for the new and refurbished buildings.
      • The concrete foundations for the energy centre and the store room were laid last week (with the exception of the area nearest to the gates where we are waiting for the main gas supply to be diverted before laying the concrete).
      • We signed off the samples for the iron monger and doors for the new and existing buildings.
      • Tarmac was laid at the front of C building and the temporary metal road coverings removed.
      • The foundations for the east end of the new building (the foundations for the Hair suite) were excavated.

Week 8

      • We completed the switch over to our new power supply in the North of the site over the weekend: A Big Thank You to Leadbitter and Ped in IT for shutting down and restarting all systems in a controlled manner on Saturday 07:00 to 17:00.  The risk of power interruption for the rest of the building works is now reduced.
      • The new ducting for our power and heating supplies has been laid in trenches in front of C and B building ready to be connected to the new energy centre when it is constructed later in the programme.  The front of C building was cleared ready for enrolment on the 26 August.
      • PCs are all in place in the newly refurbished iLRC complete with new carpets, paintwork, desks and chairs.
      • Our new 1GB high speed network pipes between BRC and CEMAST and BRC and the JaNET network are in place.
      • The new IT servers in BRC and switches at CEMAST are all in place.
      • The internal strip out of the old engineering workshops has commenced
      • Works to prepare the existing A building for its internal refit have progressed apace with new wall supports and all the old wiring now stripped out.
      • We have installed a new time-lapse camera to record works on site and this will be available to view on the website soon.

Week 7

      • The hoarding to the south of A building along the old engineer’s road was installed
      • Heras fencing was installed to safeguard the open space to the east of D and F building
      • Contractor’s site cabins arrived and were placed to the north of E building.
      • The pedestrian access gate north of D building was closed for the summer
      • The HR team  moved  into the new Corporate Services areas alongside finance and  MIS
      • Decoration of the iLRC commenced

Week 6

      • Relocation of the Art team into their new home in the William Price Trust building
      • Relocation of Public/Uniform Services into B building alongside Sports
      • Finishing off of hoardings around the north of the site
      • Completing preparations for the new construction access road to the north of A building
      • Strip out of E building and A building extension
      • Completion of works to S building including the relocation of all Macs.

Week 5

      • The installation of a new gas pipe connecting into the existing gas mains pipe was completed.
      • The internal hoardings within the courtyard area were completed using wooden close-board fencing within the campus to soften the feel of the contractor’s areas.
      • The trench for the new electrical intake in A building was completed (concrete is due to be poured this week)
      • Crushed concrete was delivered on site and the haul road from the contractor’s new entrance to the front of A building was laid.
      • Rewiring of S building Mac Suite is now complete.
      • In addition Finance moved to their new home next to MIS upstairs in the William Price building

Week 4

      • Completing preparations for the new construction access road to the north of A building
      • Strip out of E building and A building extension
      • Completion of works to S building including the relocation of all Macs.
      • Begun works on the iLRC refurbishment and opened a temporary iLRC in Y006 for the summer
      • Formally taken possession of CEMAST with staff moving into their new homes from 15 July
      • Begun the move of HR into their new office space shared with Finance and Information Services
      • Begun to Tarmac the construction access road to the North of A building
      • Handed over the whole of A building to Leadbitter to commence their strip out and begun to physically separate the College from the LB sites

Week 2

      • Breaking out all the contract required to locate the new electrical switch intake outside A014 & in A019.
      • Soft strip of A019 and lobby areas.
      • Hoarding works to Avenue and Bishopsfield Road were completed.
      • New gas pipes were installed.
      • Trial excavations for services were undertaken.
      • We damaged the water connection and re-connected it within 90 minutes to ensure Avenue 141 could operate.
      • S building’s new Mac suite furniture has all been relocated.

Week 1

      • Hoardings have begun to be erected along The Avenue and Bishopsfield Road.
      • Building E will be hoarded during next week, after staff have relocated to C Building at the end of this week.
      • North Hall and the single storey extension to A are now hoarded up and handed over to Leadbitter

A People’s Project

View Recent Project Photos

This £16 million Investment in Fareham’s Future Starts Summer 2014

BRC Project Schedule

We’re investing in all the latest technologies including:

  • A World-Class Virtual Learning Environment

  • A Massive 1 Gigabit High Speed Broadband Network

  • Industry-Standard Software and Development Kits

We’re halving our CO2 footprint and fuel bills by swapping wasteful oil-fired heating for the latest efficient gas systems, air source heat pumps and solar panels.

We’re making all our buildings fully accessible with new lifts & ramps.

We’re opening up three hectares of beautiful green space to create a new public park, planting over 100 new trees and providing a brand new M.U.G.A. (Multi Use Games Area) for student and community use.

Now is the perfect time to apply to Fareham College. If you are looking for a creative learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and excellent routes to Careers, University and Higher Education, contact us on 01329 815 200 to discuss how Fareham College can help you launch your career.


  • CEMAST Completed

  • New Independent Learning Resource Centre, Study Skills Centre and Advice & Guidance suite created in the William Price Building

  • Art, Fashion and Photography workshops created in the south of our site

  • Refurbishment of building A and Workshops commences

  • Construction starts on the new building for Digital Industries, Performing Arts and Hair & Beauty

Spring 2015 – PHASE 2

  • Construction work on building A is complete and work starts to refurbish building B

Summer/Autumn 2015

  • Building works complete in the north site ready for occupation in September 2015

  • Final landscaping works on the north site and demolition of old school buildings


  • Start of work on the housing development

  • New Public Park Opens once housing is complete

Investing in World-class Learning

Digital Industries

  1. Autodesk and Adobe Creative Packages

  2. UNREAL Development Kit

  3. Oculus Rift 3D Gaming Equipment

  4. New Generation Consoles

Art, Design & Fashion

  1. Screen printing facilities

  2. Linocut and Mono printing

  3. Creative and collaborative workspaces


  1. Large format camera

  2. Studio, Cyanotype and Pinhole photography

  3. Black & White film processing

  4. Darkroom

Performing Arts

  1. New commercial theatre

  2. Fully sprung performance studios

  3. 16K OHM Sound System

  4. 4 recording and rehearsing studios

Music & Media

  1. 32 channel audio mixing desk

  2. Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Sibelius Software

  3. Large iMac editing and creative suites

  4. Fully Digital HDV Television Studio

  5. Chroma Key Green Screen equipment

  6. 8 Channel Vision Mixer


  1. New, purpose built workshops

  2. Painting & Decorating, Bricklaying and Carpentry

  3. Mobile Plasma Screen TVs

  4. Machinery, Hand Tools and Equipment

Captured: Bishopsfield Road Campus Development