First Bus Passes or 2021/22

Available to purchase from 16th August 2021

If you are planning to study on a full time course at the College from September 2021 then you will be eligible to buy a discounted student bus pass from the First Group mTicket App (mobile phone bus pass). This is an online student pass and prices have been negotiated for Fareham College students which allow you to travel at a much cheaper cost than if you were to buy your ticket daily on the bus.

First Group have largely withdrawn the use of plastic bus passes on their buses as these are open to fraud and easily lost; By using the First Group mTicket App you will be able to buy and load your bus pass to your mobile phone which means that you cannot lose your pass and also that nobody else can use it. If your phone is lost or you change it for a new one then you’ll just to need to download the App again to your new phone, log in to your account and the mTicket you have bought will be reloaded. You do not need an internet connection to use your ticket, you will only need data when you first buy your mTicket and you’ll be able to do so using the free WiFi at College if you do not have a data allowance on your mobile phone.


Fareham College has negotiated the following prices for students using First Buses to travel from September 2021:


TYPE OF PASS DESCRIPTION Valid From Expiry Date Cost
Annual First Bus Pass unlimited use on all First buses in Hampshire between the valid from and to dates 06/09/2021 08/07/2022 £465.00
Term 1 First Bus Pass unlimited use on all First buses in Hampshire for Autumn term between the valid from and to dates 06/09/2021 17/12/2021 £185.00
Term 2 First Bus Pass unlimited use on all First buses in Hampshire for Spring term between the valid from and to dates 04/01/2022 08/04/2022 £185.00
Term 3 First Bus Pass unlimited use on all First buses in Hampshire for Summer term between the valid from and to dates 25/04/2022 08/07/2022 £185.00

What’s Next?

Please follow these steps to purchase and download your bus pass:

  1. Download the First Bus mTicket App to your phone, you can find it in the App Store (iphones) or via Google Play (Android phones), or via the First bus website
  2. Select your area e.g. Portsmouth/Fareham/Gosport
  3. Register on the App in the student’s name
  4. Select the mTickets tab and then ‘Student mTickets’ from the menu
  5. Choose the Fareham College Bus Pass option you prefer
  6. Add to basket
  7. Make your payment, there are options to pay by PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, or Apple/Google pay
  8. Complete your purchase
  9. Activate your Bus pass mTicket on the date it is valid from and show it to the bus driver when you board the bus.

If you have any questions, or you find that your mTicket does not work, please contact the First Bus mTicket helpline on 03300 947 577 or email:

For further information and any other question, you have about buying or using mTickets please visit the mTickets section of the First bus website – you can access it by clicking this link:

Stagecoach Bus Passes

Stagecoach bus passes for Fareham College students for the 2021/22 academic year will be available to purchase directly from the Stagecoach bus website. Pricing for these options is still being finalised and further information will be published here as soon as it is available.

What’s Next?

The College will order your bus pass from the Stagecoach bus company towards the end of the Summer. The College accepts orders and payment for passes through the College year but please be aware that Stagecaoch can take up to three weeks to process orders at busy times, so you will need to be prepared to pay your bus fare until your pass arrives.

For further information about Stagecoach bus services and to access timetables please visit the Stagecoach website:


The College contracts in a bus service from First bus that travels from Whiteley down to our CEMAST and CETC sites. The timetable for this service is being updated and will be available on the College website shortly. Students travelling on this service from Fareham Train Station or the Fareham College Bishopsfield Road stop will be able to board using only their College ID card. Students travelling from any other stop on the route from Whiteley will need to purchase a First Bus mTicket (as above) to use the service.


This service is exclusively for use by Fareham College, CEMAST and CETC students but please note that currently ALL passengers will be excepted to wear a face covering when travelling in line with the Government safety guidelines for COVID-19.


Financial Support for Bus passes

If you are in receipt of low household income and will have difficulty paying for a bus pass you can also apply for additional funding which may mean that we can help towards the cost of a bus pass. If you are applying for Financial Support you must ensure that you complete a Financial Support Application and submit it to the College with evidence of your household income.

For further information and to download an application form please visit the Financial Support section of the College website by clicking here: