Welcome to Uniformed Public Services

Uniformed Public Services serve students interested in the Armed Forces, Police and Fire Service, Revenue & Customs or the Prison Service. Our courses are set at various levels with the opportunity to progress from one level to the next, building on the skills and experience gained within each level. We are proud to be running courses which will give learners the first step on the ladder of employment in this vital area and offer our learners the skills necessary to serve Her Majesty’s Uniformed Services.

Your Future is Bright

Career Path

Perhaps there is no career that can be as rewarding and as appreciated by society as one in a Uniformed Public Service. Our courses are designed and built around the core values that underpin these careers such as teamwork and respect. We will prepare you for a career in the Police Service, Fire Service, Prison Service, Security, or any of the Armed Forces.

Jobs in Sector

Armed Forces which offer a wide range of opportunities, trades and specialism, such as the emergency services, police, fire brigade, the military, prison service, security services or customs & excise. These courses can also support a career in sport, leisure or travel and tourism.

Additional Information

You will be required to purchase a uniform to wear in class and for practical activities and pay a contribution towards external visits.

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