Technical Baccalaureate


For students seeking a path to University, the Technical Baccalaureate Programme at Fareham College will offer a high quality alternative to the A Level study route.

These enhanced academic qualifications will give young people aspiring to a technical and vocational career a first-class alternative to the more traditional A level route, ensuring they have the technical ability employers want, and giving industry the skilled workforce it needs to compete in the global race.

The qualification takes place during your normal Level 3 study. In addition to the standard units, Technical Baccalaureate students will also study AS level Maths and be asked to complete and extended project which will develop and test students’ skills in extended writing, communication, research, self-discipline and self-motivation.


We offer the Technical Baccalaureate programme in the following areas; 

  • Engineering

  • Computing

  • Digital Industries

  • Sports Science

  • Business

Students studying a Technical Baccalaureate Level 3 rather than a standard Level 3 will also be required to undertake an extended work placement, usually in their second year.

Students who achieve the Technical Baccalaureate will have a set of qualifications that will give them an academic edge when applying for employment in their field of study, applying for higher apprenticeship programmes, or when looking at technical courses at university.

All Students will be assessed for the Technical Baccalaureate programme shortly after studies begin. However, if you have a particular interest to enrol into the programme, please contact our Student Advisors to arrange an interview.