Lights, camera, action!

Many artistic details and technical operations are part of my every day. A lot can go wrong! But those variables make my role interesting, enjoyable (once sorted) and challenging. There is never a boring day.

My days are usually spent either up in the tech box in the theatre, backstage, or in the studio. I could be arranging setups, taking photos, making props, designing posters, leaflets or show programmes, or getting out and about finding specialist materials for our courses.

Every morning the team meets for a briefing to have a cuppa and a biscuit whilst sorting out the tasks ahead. This time allows us to focus, engage as individuals, and get support when we need it.

My day normally entails organising our equipment hire service and digital files (hundreds of videos and photos to deal with!), making room bookings, and administration duties. A good part of my job is spent in front of a computer. Whether I am designing our posters, flyers, play programmes or doing some audio/video/photo editing, updating the team’s social media or doing administrative duties, it is all good fun.

Time permitting, I like going around the studios and corridors to decorate them, keep them updated and vibrant for learners so they are surrounded with refreshing, empowering or secretly educative displays. Little details matter, right?

I deliver enrichment sessions which enable learners to come to the studio to get a little bit extra help to aid their knowledge acquisition, enhance their experiences, and encourage them to be independent and aware of modern issues and take action. What is not to like?

Some of the most interesting days are the ones leading up to shows and the day of shows/assessments (adrenaline pumping!). Our examinations and presentations are usually live, with an audience and, more often than not, we are challenged with unusual and/or unpredicted situations. But the show must go on!

I also help to look after the health and safety in our areas. I am a fire marshal and a first aider. It certainly provides the extra rush, and it is all worth it knowing staff and learners are kept safe and are taken care of.

I enjoy helping teachers accomplish something in their curriculum, or helping learners do and know something new. I appreciate what they do and who they are and this makes me very happy. Being part of artistic creation and supporting learners means everything to me.

But I do not do any of this alone; I am surrounded by talented, kind and considerate individuals that care deeply for the learning of our students. I feel grateful every day for being part of the Fareham College community and am forever thankful for making me the professional being I am today.

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