My alarm normally goes off at 6am, and I spend half an hour scouring social media and Reddit before dragging myself out of bed and into the shower.

I leave for work just after 7, and drive from Waterlooville. My drive to work either takes me through some nice countryside if I’m feeling adventurous or the glorious M27 if I want to get stuck in some traffic – it’s nice to have options.

By the time I arrive, I generally need some fuel (normally in the form of a coffee) – the café 141 at the college serves excellent freshly brewed coffee so it’s normally my go-to place for a hit of energy. After that, I get on to putting the finishing touches to my lessons for the day and I’ll generally do some marking and any admin before lessons start at 9. Getting in early and getting prepared leaves me feeling a lot less stressed. 

I start teaching from 9am and lessons are generally either 1hr or 1.5hrs long. I am occasionally invited to attend meetings regarding ILT, or Teaching and Learning, which happen outside of my teaching hours.

I generally aim to deliver my lessons in a fun, engaging, and innovative way. I sometimes come up with things as I go through my lessons, a talking point often develops (sometimes at a complete tangent to the lesson) but this is what makes teaching so enjoyable – whether it’s related to the subject or not, inspiring people to feel empowered to learn is a fantastic feeling On a day-to-day basis, students could be working on anything from a practical task like disassembling and reassembling a computer, photoshopping their friend’s face onto a giant gorilla, creating a website to advertise their video game, or setting up a network. Of course, they will be documenting their progress throughout so they can evidence their ability. Some students might feel overloaded by the amount of work which they have to do but there is a constant reassurance from lecturers that support is available. During my ‘free’ hours on a Friday morning I put on a “catch up workshop” for all my students across all levels to attend, where they can get extra help from me or just turn up and work quietly to catch up.

I finish my day at roughly 5pm most days, if I am teaching the IT apprentices then it generally finishes a little later as they love to talk about their week!

At the end of the day I feel knackered. But, if I’ve done my job properly, I leave satisfied and with my head full of ideas for tomorrow’s lessons. The relentless desire to make sure my students can get on in the real world is what helps to motivate me.

My manager is very supportive and always goes the extra mile for me, as well as the TRIC team (namely Francis and Theo) who have made me feel really welcome in my first year of teaching and have really motivated me to try out new things in the classroom.