Cashless Vending

WisePay is a secure online payment service that allows students and users, to make payments to their college using their debit or credit cards. Payments can include food and drink.

The WisePay service operates in hundreds of colleges, schools and academies across the UK.

Create an account and make payments

If you will be new to the College in September 2018, a WisePay account will be set up for you at the start of your course. The details will be sent to you via your College email account.

If you have been a full time student at the College during 2017/18 you will have already have a Wisepay login. Please use this link to login and make payment:

Wisepay – Current students

If you are a parent/guardian and wish to pay for a 2018-19 College Bus Pass, please click the WisePay logo below to create a WisePay account and make payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using Wisepay?

Using your debit or credit card, payments to your college can be made conveniently from home or anywhere that has an internet connection.

Payments can be made 24/7. You do not have to wait until your college is open.

Furthermore, at any time you can see your payment history in your “Wise Account”. Additionally, you can track every transaction that you make – again 24/7.

Your Wise Account also allows you to see your balances at anytime. This is particularly useful for, say, a trip that is being paid in instalments or for food and drink balances. You can see this information anytime at your convenience.

What happens to my money?

All money that you pay goes directly and immediately to your college’s bank account. WisePay does not take or hold any of your money at all.

Is Wisepay easy to use?

WisePay is extremely easy to use. It’s visual and simple instructions are very quick and easy to follow, even for anyone who has never made an online payment or purchase before.

How long do payments take to reach my college?

All online payments are made in real time, so the payment will be credited to your account instantly.

What credit or debit card can I use?

Payments to your college through WisePay can be made with most credit or debit cards.

Is my payment and the payment site secure?

Yes. All pages viewed on WisePay are encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session.

Who can see my card details?

Neither WisePay nor your college can see or has access to any of your card details. Your card details are never stored by WisePay.

How does my college know I have paid?

The finance personnel within your college are notified that you have made a payment. They know which student the payment is for, how much has been paid and the item(s) that you have paid for.

Will I get a receipt for my payment?

Yes, you will automatically receive a receipt directly to your email address for every payment that you make.

How do I view my transactions?

Once logged in to your account, you can access your “Wise Account”. Just click on the “Wise Account” tab on the top right of the screen.

From here you can see all your transaction history, view meal account balances (if relevant) and change some of your account details, such as email address or telephone number. You can also change your password from here.

What if my college canteen has tills?

If your college canteen has a till system, they are either operated by the college or a third party chosen by your college.

If your college chooses, WisePay automatically links to the college’s canteen tills. Therefore, if you make an online payment using WisePay for food and drink, the payment details will be carried with you and will be available for you to spend in the canteen when you wish to make a purchase.

If a till system is in operation at your college, this is operated by a 3rd party and not by WisePay. Therefore, although WisePay can provide you with details of all payments that you have made online via WisePay, we cannot calculate the balances of your canteen purchases as WisePay does not know them.

WisePay can however, display purchases made at the tills, together with the cost of the purchases and the remaining credit available on your meal balance if the canteen tills are able to send this information to WisePay. If the canteen tills are able to do this, WisePay usually receives this data from the tills at the end of each day.

This is the only example where WisePay does not calculate the balances we are displaying but are instead displaying the balances received from a 3rd party. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the 3rd party to provide those balances correctly to WisePay.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Your first line of any enquiry should be with your college’s WisePay Administrator. They will contact WisePay on your behalf if they are unable to help.