Committed to Outstanding Success

Fareham College is fully committed to delivering outstanding student results consistently.

Outstanding performance is key to the College serving its community well, enabling the provision of the best possible education and experience for its students, but also acting as a beacon that attracts students, employers and staff capable of operating in a consistently outstanding manner.

Our Senior Management Team comprises of the Principal & CEO and five Assistant Principals who are each responsible for areas covering Study Programmes, Students & Improvement, Finance, Funding & Resources, Business & Partnerships and People & Organisational Development.

Fareham College has a Corporation comprising 16 members which guides and monitors the strategic direction of the College, its financial position and the quality of service it provides to learners and the community.

Senior Management Team

Fareham College employs only the finest individuals to facilitate the running of the College, which is reflected in the outstanding results achieved by the students the College serves.
Andrew Kaye

Principal and Chief Executive

Angela Hinton

Assistant Principal - People and Organisational Development

Leah Palmer

Assistant Principal - Study Programmes

Louise Davis

Assistant Principal - Students and Improvement

Lesley Roberts

Managing Director - Business and Partnerships

Our Corporation

Our Governors are professional individuals from different areas of industry outside of the College, with broad and diverse skills and expertise.
Andrew Kaye

Principal and Chief Executive

Chair of the Corporation

Chair of Audit

Member of Audit Committee

Member of Finance and Resources Committee

Member of Finance & Resources Committee

Member of Finance & Resources Committee

Vice-Chair of Corporation

Member of Teaching, Students, Curriculum & Quality Committee

Vice-Chair of Teaching, Students, Curriculum and Quality Committee

Member of Teaching, Students, Curriculum and Quality Committee

Member of the Audit Committee

Member of Teaching, Students, Curriculum and Quality Committee

Governance Meeting Documents

Corporation Meetings

5th October 2016 (Special) Agenda Minutes
7th December 2016 Agenda Minutes
5th April 2017 Agenda Minutes
28th June 2017 Agenda Minutes
11th October 2017 (Special) Agenda Minutes
13th December 2017 Agenda Minutes
28th March 2018 Agenda Minutes
27th June 2018 Agenda Minutes
10th October 2018 Agenda Minutes
12th December 2018 Agenda Minutes
27th March 2019 Agenda Minutes
26th June 2019 Agenda

Audit Committee

21st November 2016 Agenda Minutes
21st March 2017 Agenda Minutes
8th June 2017 Agenda Minutes
29th November 2017 Agenda Minutes
14th March 2018 Agenda Minutes
13th June 2018 Agenda Minutes
28th November 2018 Agenda Minutes
13th March 2019 Agenda Minutes
12th June 2019 Agenda

Finance and Resource Committee

16th November 2016 Agenda Minutes
13th March 2017 Agenda Minutes
7th June 2017 Agenda Minutes
2nd November 2017 Agenda Minutes
7th March 2018 Agenda Minutes
6th June 2018 Agenda Minutes
23rd November 2018 Agenda Minutes
6th March 2019 Agenda Minutes
18th June 2019 Agenda Minutes

Teaching, Students, Curriculum and Quality Committee

23rd November 2016 Agenda Minutes
8th March 2017 Agenda Minutes
5th June 2017 Agenda Minutes
6th November 2017 Agenda Minutes
2nd March 2018 Agenda Minutes
23rd May 2017 Agenda Minutes
7th November 2018 Agenda Minutes
27th February 2019 Agenda
22nd May 2019 Agenda