An Essential digital skills course at Fareham College will provide you with all the tools you need to be more confident in trying things online; It covers all of the digital skills needed in a wide range of situations in life and at work. At Entry 3 the course will focus on basic digital skills, for example making appointments, video calls, using online platforms or ordering goods and services. The Level 1 develops digital skills in life and the workplace such as organising payments, creating, editing, saving documents and trouble-shooting basic problems. If you are looking to step back in employment this Level 1 course will also cover the use of MS office and allow you to improve your basic digital skills for the current workplace. A skills check will determine if the Entry 3 or Level 1 course will be the most suitable for you and final assessment for each level of the course is a combination of tutor observed tasks and 1.5 hour online test. You will be provided with all the digital resources required for this course on campus, however you may wish to bring your own devices to sessions to use and familiarise yourself with.

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