This course is run by Military Mentors at our partner site, based in Bridgemary, Gosport.

The Forces Ready Programme is a Full Time College Course and is taught by former members of the Armed Forces.  It incorporates a Level 1 or Level 2 Diploma in Entry into the Uniformed Services and has an extensive fitness programme designed to get you to the level of fitness required to get into the Armed Forces.  We also undertake Leadership Training within the course to give you a head start when you join the Services.  No other colleges offer this.

Additionally, students have extensive enrichment opportunities during college hours. These can include:

  • Sport and physical training daily to ensure you pass the Forces Fitness Test first time
  • Visits around HM Warships
  • Trips to Military Bases Team based military style challenges and football matches against other colleges
  • Conducting a ‘Hostage Rescue’ exercise with an ex Special Forces instructor
  • Briefings by Army Infantry soldiers, serving Royal Marine Commandos
  • Presentations by Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and RAF Recruiting Teams
  • Fitness training taken by Royal Navy Physical Training Instructors
  • Briefings by Royal Military Police, RN Police and RN Special Investigations Branch
  • Briefings by ex-Military Mentors students who have now joined the Armed Forces
  • Workshop by RN Police teaching fingerprinting, taking DNA and handcuffing
  • Demonstration and briefing by RAF Dog handler (briefing by handler – not the dog!)
  • Scenes of Crime Unit visit with an in depth briefing by Crime Scene Investigator
  • Briefing and demonstration by Royal Navy Clearance Divers
  • Briefing by Army sniper
  • Ice Skating, Swimming, Rock Climbing and Archery
  • An Emergency First Aid At Work Qualification
  • Demonstration of camouflage and concealment techniques
  • Mock Army, Navy, Air Force interviews with serving Armed Forces Careers Advisors 

There is of course classroom work to be done to ensure that you get your academic qualifications, but we ensure that you get a great balance of classroom, sport and enrichment activities. If you need to take GCSE maths or English again, we can also help you with this.

What will you achieve?

If you sign up for our courses and work hard, show the right attitude and commitment, you can expect to achieve the following:

  • Level 1 or Level 2 Diploma in Entry into the Uniformed Services. Both if you stay for 2 years
  • An Emergency First Aid at Work Qualification
  • A Military Leadership Award
  • A superb fitness level which is designed to enable you to pass your Army, Navy or Air Force Fitness Test at the first attempt
  • A formal appraisal from Military Mentors to the Armed Forces Careers Office or your prospective employer
  • An enhanced level of confidence and self-esteem

The course is designed to get you into the Armed Forces and prepare you for what to expect when you get in. You will get out of the programme what you put in. You will make new friends, become more confident, and develop new skills on the way.  By the time you leave people will notice the difference in you. It’s all good for those who want it enough. Do you?

Want to see what we do? Check out the short video on our website at

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