This course is ideal for students who are looking to embark upon a range of different careers within the creative media industries, and particularly those in film and television. The majority of the course will be structured around the planning and production of a professional quality short film which you will be encouraged to submit to festivals. This will be combined with academic study of film as an art form as well as a practical introduction to live TV production. You will also have the chance to develop an individual creative project of your own devising. 

You will study the following modules 

Unit 7: Film Practice
Unit 77: Cinematography – Camera
Unit 26: Editing for Film and TV 

You will study these three units as a package in which you will study the theory and practice of scriptwriting, production planning, marketing, cinematography and editing. You will prepare pre-production materials for short film of your own devising before pitching your idea to the group. Selected films will be taken forward into production where students will work as a team to run a professional film shoot, with each team member having a chance to act as Director of Photography. Finally, students will create their own edit of the material from the shoot, using techniques covered in the theory section of the editing unit. 

Unit 1: Individual Assignment.  
For this unit, you will need to complete an individual research project based on a theme and topic set by the exam board. You will have the opportunity to discuss and develop your idea with your tutor at the start of the project and you are encouraged to tailor the project to your personal interests and/or career goals. This project is self-directed and you will need to carry out your own research and devise your own plan for completing the project. You will have regular opportunities to discuss your project with your tutor and you will be expected to demonstrate progress at each of these meetings.   

 Unit 2: Creative Industry. 
Through a series of lectures, you will study the role of the creative industries in the UK, with a focus on the film and television sectors. You will complete a case study of a specific job role within the creative media industries as well as learning about job roles and employment practices within the film and TV industries. You will also learn about policy developments impacting the economic growth of the sector, including how factors such as Brexit and Covid have affected the direction of the industry.  

Unit 3: Professional Practice. 
The aim of this unit is to support students in developing you reflective practice and defining areas for personal professional development in the context of a growing awareness of the broad scope of creative media production. You will define and implement a personal professional development plan through an investigation of the skills necessary to successfully pursue a career in the creative industries. 

Unit 8: Film Studies 
This unit will give you the opportunity to study the development of film as both an industrial practice and an art form. You will learn about working practices in the era of the Hollywood studio system as well as how audiences have developed in conjunction with the evolution of cinema. You will also study theoretical frameworks of film analysis, including feminism, postmodernism and auteur theory and will apply these theories in an analysis of a film of your choice. 

Unit 82: Television Studio Production 
You will work collaboratively with the other students on the course to devise and produce a live TV show about the college’s end of year creative showcase. You will carry out necessary pre-production including research and scriptwriting as well as develop the technical skills required to successfully stream a live TV show to the internet, including camera operation and vision mixing.

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