This two-year course gives learners the knowledge, skills and competencies to work as a therapeutic counsellor in an agency context in both health care and non-medical settings. You will develop your knowledge from your previous counselling qualifications. During the course you will cover 7 units.


Unit 1 – Working ethically, safely and professionally as a counsellor

Unit 2 – Working within a counselling relationship

Unit 3 – Working with client diversity in counselling work

Unit 4 – Working within a user-centred approach to counselling

Unit 5 – Working with self-awareness in the counselling process

Unit 6 – Working within a coherent framework of counselling theory and skills

Unit 7 – Working self-reflectively as a counsellor


During these units you will have time to practise and develop your counselling skills, consider your own continuing personal development in counselling, and develop knowledge about human development in relation to counselling.  You are required to complete a period of at least 100 hours of work experience within an agency with a minimum of 5 clients in the first year of the course.

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