Apprentice Guide - Frequently Asked Questions

With the introduction of urgent government measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and a rapidly developing situation, Fareham College has implemented changes to Apprenticeship training, ensuring you are supported and able to continue training during this time.

All Apprenticeship training is now delivered remotely. Your Professional Coach or Tutor is a trained e-learning practitioner. They will be utilising a wide range of digital training, e-learning platforms and online resources to ensure your training can continue. Your Professional Coach or Tutor will support you individually to access these learning opportunities.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to support you. If you have further queries or concerns don’t hesitate to contact Business Plus:

Contact Business Plus: Phone: 01329 815 153 Email:

Our programmes are designed to be responsive to changes in your circumstances. For example, during a period of illness, if you need to self-isolate, please talk to both your employer and professional coach about the best way to continue with your Apprenticeship.

We are offering all apprentices access to e-learning programmes, online coaching and teaching with our tutors and professional coaches.

Where assessments, including End-Point Assessment is planned, we will work to re-schedule planned assessment activity for a later date convenient to you and your employer.

Your Professional Coach will support you moving forwards and agree plans, targets and support.

Fareham College has online resources in place and trained e-learning practitioners who are on hand during this time to ensure you can complete your programme online and flexibly around your needs.

Where you are no longer able to work, but have not been made redundant, you are able to continue your studies through our digital online training. If you don’t have this offer in place, take a moment to get in touch with your Professional Coach for support.

Once you are back at work, you can resume your Apprenticeship, and we will support you back into work at this time. The ACAS website is also a useful source of information.

You will already be recording your off-the-job training activity using an approach agreed with your Professional Coach. Please continue to record your activity in the coming weeks.

Please continue to use this in the coming weeks. If your work circumstances change because of COVID-19, so that the minimum 20% off the job cannot be met, you will need to liaise with us to change these arrangements. Again, your Professional Coach can support you to resolve this.

Please speak to your Professional Coach as soon as possible. There are a number of options to support you through your Apprenticeship. Your employer may be able to access to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to support your salary.

If you are made redundant your Apprenticeship training is also still able to continue, ensuring you continue your professional development during this time. Our Business Plus team is on hand to support you in finding a new employer. Contact us if you need support.

An Apprenticeship is a job with training, so even when you are not able to do your training, you are still employed. You will be paid in line with the details in your employment contract.

Where you are unable to work, we suggest speaking to your employer about their polices on pay. The government is providing a range of support to employers to help them retain and pay the wages of employees (including apprentices) during the coming months.

If you’re unsure about how to continue your training, speak to your Professional Coach who will support you to continue accessing training remotely.

Your end-point assessment can be delivered remotely and will normally move ahead as planned. If you are unwell, or in a period of self-isolation, and unable to take part in your end-point assessment, please contact your Professional Coach as soon as you are able, to allow them maximum time to re-schedule your assessment.