Hello and welcome to Fareham College.

We are really excited that you will be joining us in September and we hope you are looking forward to starting your course.


We hope you can join us at your Freshers’ Induction Day on 12 July. 

The Enrolment Process Explained

Please find some further information below, regarding how you enrol onto your course.

Step 1

Your enrolment letter will be sent in August and contains the date and time of your enrolment interview. It imandatory that you attend to ensure you are enrolled onto the right course and level.  

Step 2

If you are joining us for the first time, when you receive your GCSE results on 12 August, please enter your GCSE results into our enrolment app. You will receive an email containing the link and instructions on how to use this app before GCSE Results Day.

Step 3

When you arrive at the College for your enrolment interview, please follow the signs that will guide you around our one-way system and direct you where you need to go

Step 4

During your enrolment, you will have the opportunity to meet your lecturer and they will make sure you are on the right course and the right level. You will also find out the start time and date of your first day, collect your college lanyard and have the opportunity to speak to any support services should you wish to do so. You should expect your enrolment to last for around one hour.

Step 5

Once you have completed your enrolment you are able to leave and we look forward to welcoming you on your first day as a Fareham College student in September

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the Careers Centre on the number provided in your letter, and the team will rebook you a late enrolment interview. We do strongly advise that you attend your initial interview, to ensure you have fully secured your place. 

Yes, all students, whether they are new, or returning students, must attend their enrolment interview at the time and date that is stated on the letter.

Yes, they can park at the College, but they do need to stay in the car as we encourage all students to do their enrolment independently, unless support has been requested in advance. 

You will find out the date and time of your first lesson when you attend your enrolment interview, and then your formal timetable will be given once you have officially started your course.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to speak with a dedicated member of staff who will support you with your DBS application. For additional guidance about your application, you can also download further information here.

Yes, we will have staff on hand that will help with signing up to the gym.

Contact us

Should you have any further questions or you wish to speak to us directly you can contact us by telephone or email.