We asked Laura Quelch, Student Board President and BTEC Level 3 Graphic Design student, about her time at Fareham College so far…

Q: What was it that made you decide to choose Fareham to continue your education?

A: I chose Fareham College to further my studies because of the lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere from all the students and staff at Fareham.

Q: What made you choose your course?

A: I have always wanted to become a graphic designer, and so I knew what course I wanted to study straightaway. I decided on BTEC Level 3 at Fareham, because of the great facilities provided, helpful staff, and inspiring examples of students work. The project I am currently working on is Publication design; I have learnt so much already on this project alone! It covers how to create an accurate layout in InDesign, the grid systems, and how to create your own magazine – I am developing skills that I know will be so important in my future career.

Q: How do you find College life in general at Fareham?

A: I think it is brilliant! As well as your course, you can take part in other enrichment activities where you learn new things and make new friends. So far, I have taken part in badminton, table tennis, dance and also use the gym on site too. There are many events constantly taking place at Fareham that give you a great opportunity to meet new people and experience new and exciting things, such as the Young Enterprise business scheme; where you set up your own business in teams, taking part in the annual FACFEST event.

Q: What are your aspirations for the future?

A: I would like to pursue a successful career in graphic designer. My course is helping me achieve this by giving me the stepping stone and confidence to go on to University. I have learnt so much I didn’t know about Graphic Design, and have really had a great insight as to how to promote myself as a graphic designer both independently and as part of a studio.

Q: What tips would you give to students about making the step from school to College?

A: Don’t rush – think things through before coming to a final decision. If you have an idea but are not completely sure, ask for advice. To confirm my decision I spoke to the Graphic Design lecturer to help me decide not only on the course, but on the level as well. And, don’t stress, college is defiantly not like school – you have much more independence and responsibility for your own work and choices.

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