The arrangements for GCSE exams have now been agreed for summer 2022.  GCSE Exams will go ahead.  To support potential missed learning, the grade boundaries will be adjusted in 2022 with a plan to return to normal by 2023. The Government have stated this approach will “provide a safety net for this year’s students as well as a step back to normality”.  The autumn series results, will be aligned to summer 2021 grading.


Colleges have been advised to start collecting ‘plan B’ evidence this term, in the event that exams cannot go ahead either because of further disruption or because of public health advice.  In this event teacher assessed grades will be used again.  Fareham College will continue to conduct half termly assessments for the duration of this academic year to ensure sufficient and robust evidence is available in line with advice from DfE and Ofqual.


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