ESF Skills Support for the Workforce

The service being provided is:

  1. provide support to employers to employ and develop individuals to fill intermediate (equivalent to Level 21), technical (at any Level1) and higher-level (equivalent to Level 31 or above) skills gaps and shortages.
  2. addressing the Basic Skills needs of the Employed, particularly in Small and Medium sized Enterprises and Micro Businesses.
  3. increase the skills levels of the Employed to at least the next level up, to encourage progression within the workforce.
  4. increase the number of people with technical and job specific skills, to progress them into education, employment and apprenticeships to support business growth.
  5. increase the skills levels of Employed women to help employers to address the gender employment and wage gap.
  6. identify and promote apprenticeships to address skills gaps within the existing workforce.
  7. Digital capability at all levels (entry – advanced)


To find out more about ESF Skills Support for the Workforce please contact our Business Plus team on 01329 815 153 or