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Creating Careers for the Future

At Fareham College, everything we do is focussed on employability, both in terms of preparing our full time and part time students to be as employable as possible in their chosen career, and in ensuring the employers we work with have people in place with the right skills to successfully achieve their strategic and operational goals.


Work Experience

One of the best ways to help our young learners prepare for the world of work, and be as beneficial as possible to their future employers, is to ensure they have the opportunity to undertake meaningful, realistic work experience.

Work experience is a compulsory element of all our courses for students aged 16-19; its importance is being further highlighted with the introduced of new T level qualifications, where an industry placement forms between 45-60 days of the two-year course.

This level of work experience means students will develop the workplace skills that employers are looking for, and also gain a clear idea about what the job they want to do will involve.

Taking on a work experience student offers many benefits for employers:

  • Young people can offer a whole new energy, enthusiasm and perspective
  • Work experience can boost the morale of existing staff, giving them the opportunity to step up to temporary supervisory and mentoring roles
  • Offering work experience is a way of getting extra resource for a period of time, and doesn’t cost you financially
  • Work experience is good branding for your company, showing positive CSR and support of the younger generation
  • Employers who offer work experience benefit from the knowledge of youth – very useful for areas such as IT and marketing!
  • It’s a great recruitment strategy, especially if you are looking to attract a younger workforce to your company; an excellent work experience student could turn into a valuable future employee
  • Offering work experience benefits your whole industry and promotes it as one that offers good career opportunities – essential for future sustainability 

By providing young people with work experience and becoming involved with careers guidance, employers can spell out the value of the skills and knowledge developed at college, and open pupils’ eyes to a world of career opportunities.

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Further information

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Curriculum design

A significant part of our commitment to employability is the development of close partnerships with employers from a range of industries to design and deliver a needs-led curriculum.

Both the educational learning environment and workplace requirements across a range of sectors are changing rapidly, and this has implications for individuals’ career paths as well the strategic aims of many businesses.

Young people entering the jobs market today are more likely than ever to experience several moves from one job to another, need to continue to update their knowledge and skills, and be more likely to be self-employed at some point in their lives, or at least manage several part time or temporary contracts – these factors all call for greater flexibility, self-reliance, enterprise and career management skills.

We believe that business have an important role to play in partnering with colleges to help raise ambition, achievement, improve performance and equip students with the key traits needed for career success.

We also believe that through working with businesses, drawing on their expertise and industry knowledge, we can constantly monitor and review the courses that we offer to ensure they maintain a clear focus on the enterprise skills, experience and qualifications that employers want of their future workforce.

CETC employer partnerships

Nowhere is the success of an employer partnership and co-founded curriculum more evident than with Fareham College’s Civil Engineering Training Centre and apprenticeship initiative.
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