Hiring an Apprentice

Develop and Grow Your Business

An increasing number of employers are experiencing the benefits that apprenticeships can bring. Employing an apprentice gives someone a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop in a way that can also significantly benefit your organisation.

Apprenticeships are a way for employers to both recruit and train new staff – bringing in and developing fresh, highly committed ‘homegrown’ talent to a business. Apprenticeships can also be a cost-effective way of training your existing staff to ensure that the skills they offer meet your current and future needs.

From helping to close skills gaps to demonstrating to customers and existing staff that your company sees value in investing in people, there’s plenty to gain from apprenticeships:

  • Introduce new talent to your business
  • Upskill existing staff
  • Improve staff morale and retention
  • Increase employee numbers
  • Send out a positive CSR message
  • Save on recruitment costs

Further information

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‘Apprenticeships’ are a very broad field; they are available at a range of levels, for a wide range of industries and professions, and can be delivered in different ways.

Here at Business Plus, our job is to make sure that the apprenticeships you have in your organisation meet your needs whilst remaining fully compliant with all the relevant rules and regulations required.

This can be a complex process; apprentices have to be following formally-recognised qualifications – known as apprenticeship standards or frameworks –  to be eligible for funding terms. You need them to be eligible so that you can benefit from Government funding to support training within your business, or to recover your apprenticeship Levy.

For many employers, this can be a difficult undertaking and many simply give up and miss out on the fantastic benefits that apprenticeships can bring, rather than try to navigate the administrative side of recruiting and employing an apprentice.

This is where Business Plus can help. We are here to remove the red tape and make the process of taking on an apprentice straightforward, rewarding and hugely positive for all involved.

Apprenticeship Recruitment

We aim to provide high impact, consultative business support to your talent planning and apprenticeship recruitment process

Business Plus offers a free advice service to help you find out more about the benefits of apprenticeships, the financial elements of recruitment in terms of recovering your Levy, and advise on the various different apprenticeships that are available and likely to be applicable to your business.

As well as providing top level information, advice and guidance, our expertise means that we can become a strategic partner, working with you to assess your business goals, the way in which training fits into it, and help to design a comprehensive plan that will maximise the benefits that apprenticeships can bring to your business.

We can provide:

  • An initial consultation to understand your business, structure, ethos and short and long-term objectives. This includes visiting your company and meeting with you face-to-face
  • A review of your existing workforce, their skills and capabilities and how apprenticeships can fill gaps, improve outputs or create new opportunities
  • Suggestions regarding the best apprenticeship programmes (frameworks or standards) for your industry and business, ensuring the training covered on these will be fit-for-purpose and equip your apprentice (or existing staff member) with the competencies you need
  • Identification and analysis as to the role you need to fill, including the practical skillset and personality traits you expect potential apprentices to have
  • A breakdown of the financial implications of your apprenticeship plan, including what funding is available to support it and, if you’re company that pays a Levy, calculate how your plan will recover your payments.

At the end you will be provided with a company-specific plan for training and development through apprenticeships, and you will be ready to recruit your new apprentice/s, or start your current staff members on their new development journey.


What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

The Levy was introduced by the Government to encourage more business to invest in apprenticeships.

It asks companies with a wage bill of more than £3 million to contribute a levy amount of 0.5% of its payroll into a fund that is held by HMRC. This money is used to pay for the recruitment of apprentices and delivery of training to help organisations upskill their workforces. Many companies are unaware of the Levy and, as a result, don’t take advantage of it. From April 2019, any unused Levy funding will be made available for smaller businesses to spend on apprenticeship schemes.

Apprenticeship structures and funding rules can change quickly, and can be a difficult area to navigate; at Business Plus we offer a free advice service to help you understand how the Levy works, the options that are available to you and how to use it most effectively within your organisation.

We support this advice with a training and recruitment service designed to create and manage great apprenticeships within your organisation.

Our team of experts are ready to help businesses better understand and benefit from the Levy. For more information, contact Business Plus on:

T: 01329 815 15

E: business@fareham.ac.uk

We work with you to appoint and develop the right people with the right ambition, personality, knowledge and experience

Once we have identified the apprenticeship/s you need for your business, recruitment of an apprentice can work in two ways; either you can manage the recruitment process through your own HR team, utilising your usual advertising and interviewing channels, or you can draw on our expertise to source potential apprentices on your behalf.

Business Plus’s recruitment service is designed to save you a considerable amount of time and potential inefficiency. Though developing a deep insight into your business and its goals, our experience means we will quickly gain a highly-attuned understanding of the attributes, personality traits and aspirations candidates need to show to meet your requirements.

As well as advertising the apprenticeship vacancy through your own channels, it will also be advertised through the National Apprenticeship Service website. This site has huge reach and is the go-to resource for ambitious and aspiring people who are looking for an apprenticeship opportunity across a range of different industries and sectors.

Business Plus will:

  • Review the apprenticeship job description to ensure it complies with rules governing apprenticeships
  • Align your vacancy with the most suitable apprenticeship programme (framework or standard) – there are many apprenticeship programmes available and they can change frequently; we keep pace of new ones being introduced and can link them to your needs at a particular time
  • Help to hone the person specification, attributes and the longer-term career aspirations of your ideal candidate to create a standout opportunity that will attract the best applicants
  • Advertise the apprenticeship vacancy – as well as promoting the vacancy across our wide network of external channels, our placement within one of the UK’s top colleges means we are in constant contact with ambitious, hardworking young people who are actively looking to join an exciting company and embark upon a new career in their chosen profession
  • Manage the application process, meeting, screening and shortlisting applicants on your behalf so the candidates we put forward are a high quality and people you will really want to meet

Apprenticeship Training

We provide a career-enhancing experience to our learners that supports individual career choices, has a sustaining impact on their professional goals and aspirations, and those of you, the employer.

Training is our lifeblood; we are a renowned provider, recognised both regionally and nationally for the outstanding standard of our apprenticeships and professional training.

Once your chosen candidate has been identified, training can begin.

We will:

  • Plan the training that you need
  • Design an effective delivery model
  • Ensure the training is of the highest quality
  • Manage teaching and learning to a fixed schedule
  • Monitor and report regularly on progress

How is training delivered?

Apprentices are trained by a dedicated team of highly qualified business partners, professional coaches and teaching staff who have a passion for seeing their learners succeed. Their experience across a wide range of industries offers all the competence, skill and commitment to provide training to the highest standards

The way in which apprenticeship training is delivered depends on the industry in which you operate, and the particular apprenticeship standard or framework your apprentice is completing. It could involve an initial period of basic training at one of Fareham College’s 3 campuses, block release or day release, where the apprentice comes to college each week to complete the theoretical elements of their apprenticeship.

This includes English and Maths. A requirement of all apprenticeships is that, depending on the level, all apprentices must have GCSEs qualifications in these subjects at level 9-3. For those who do not possess these qualifications on commencement of their apprenticeship, support will be provided to help them achieve the required results before the end of their training.

Employer support

As their employer, you, or the mentor you select to be responsible for your apprentice, will be a vital part of your apprentice’s training programme, but you will be guided through the process every step of the way.

Before the apprentice joins your business, we will sit down with you and agree a training schedule, so you know what will happen when and what skills the training will provide your business. You will receive a Manager’s Guide in advance, which sets out in detail the specifics of the particular apprenticeship programme and your responsibilities as a manager in providing the support they will need to achieve their best.

Apprentices will complete an electronic portfolio, so you can both keep track of progress in real time.

Of course, this is all backed up with regular, dedicated support from us here at Business Plus. You will have a single point of contact, and you and your apprentice will be visited on a regular basis at your premises to monitor progress, carry out required assessments, iron out any issues and provide extra information or guidance as needed.

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We look forward to working together so you, your apprentices and organisation as a whole can enjoy the exceptional results that high-quality apprenticeships can bring.

To find out more about how apprenticeships can benefit your business, contact Business Plus today: