At Fareham College we celebrate and value the diversity of all and believe that there should be equal opportunity for each and every one of our students and staff.

We are committed to upholding a positive policy of equality, diversity, inclusivity and opportunity for all, which means ensuring that no one is discriminated against or treated unfairly, regardless of their background, age, disability, gender, race, religion or beliefs, sex or sexual orientation.

Through our duty of care to students and staff, we strive to ensure their health, safety and wellbeing at all times and we pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of the College, which is an important part of our strategic objectives and embraced in day to day life across our campuses.

We’re committed to providing an environment in which everyone is welcome, where everyone’s needs are catered for to the very best of our ability, and where everyone is respected.

Our Safeguarding Team work closely with the Student President and the Student Board to ensure that students’ views are heard and contribute to the success of the College, and that there is an open and accessible platform for students to voice their opinions, ideas and any concerns in a fair and inclusive way.

Our Equality objectives

The College has the following equality objectives, that form part of the equality and diversity action plan, reviewed through the well-being group. Whilst the objectives are quite broad, the equality and diversity action plan, will focus on key improvements that fall within the objectives, as and when trends or actions emerge:
  • Utilise our workforce and student data, and feedback to identify and address areas of  underperformance and disparity.​
  • Eliminate discrimination and grow a positive focus on inclusivity and diversity in all  our stakeholder communities.
  • Ensure at Fareham College that staff and applicants are treated fairly and equitably in​ relation to recruitment, selection, management and training opportunities.​
  • Ensure at Fareham College students receive fair and equitable treatment in relation to admission, administration and assessment procedures.​
  • Policies and procedures are operated fairly and free from discriminatory practice.


We are committed to the wellbeing of all our staff and students.  As a College we have signed up to the Association of Colleges Mental Health Charter as part of our commitment to publicly supporting the Mental Health Agenda. You can read more here.