Fareham College is committed to contributing and responding to the needs of our community through collaborative partnerships, innovative engagement and creation of opportunities for the people, businesses and communities that we serve.

Our strategic ambition is for Fareham College to become a technical and professional hub for the Solent region and wider afield, with a reputation for excellence in further and higher education.

In the immediate area, Fareham College serves the communities of Fareham and Gosport. Between the two boroughs, there are approximately 200,000 residents. Both boroughs have economic activity rates higher than the national rates and out-of-work claimant rates lower than national rates. Fareham outperforms Gosport on both measures.  

The local authority is Hampshire County Council and the College also works closely with the unitary authorities of Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils. Hampshire county’s economy is worth more than £35 billion with 65,000 businesses operating in the area and over 689,000 people in work. 

Fareham College is at the heart of the Solent LEP. The Solent economy has a population of 1.24 million, 42,000 businesses and a GVA of £31 billion. It has a range of assets that are globally renowned, a strong SME and skills base, and a thriving research community through its universities and research institutions. The Solent LEP’s Productivity and Growth Strategy describes a five-point plan for economic ambition: 

  • Address deficits in infrastructure, most pronounced in transport, also in flood defence and superfast broadband, and the infrastructure required to unlock new development opportunities 
  • Address the serious and chronic shortage of housing in the Solent area. 
  • Develop the skills that our economy needs to succeed, with a continued focus on higher-level skills, apprenticeships and STEM. 
  • Ensure that ideas and knowledge are at the forefront of our approach working with our world-class universities to support our businesses to innovate and grow. 
  • Address the economic challenges across the Solent area. 

As we deliver our strategic plan, the Solent LEP’s commitment to addressing the economic challenges across the area is deeply embedded in the work we do and the decisions we make.  

The success of our students is dependent on them having the skills needed to be sought after employees in the Solent business community. Our future funding is dependent on being able to evidence our ability to continually improve student outcomes, destinations and deliver future economic productivity gains. 

Our curriculum is increasingly shaped by the research within the Solent LEP’s Economic Skills Plans, regional labour market information and feedback received from working collaboratively with employers.