Regardless of your age, we offer GCSE courses in English, Maths and Science to ensure you have the essential qualifications to progress in your chosen career path or further education.

Whether you have just left school and missed the mark with your GCSEs, or you are an adult learner needing to achieve these qualifications in order to take your next step, we can provide lots of support to help you secure the grades you need.

Having a good understanding of English and Maths will benefit you in many different ways – employers want their staff to have these skills, you need qualifications in these subjects to go on to further or higher education, and having a good grasp of English and Maths will give you more confidence in aspects of daily life such as managing your finances and understanding current affairs.

We are a Centre For Excellence

We have been named one of only 21 Centres For Excellence for Mathematics in the UK, which means we have been selected as a leader in a government programme to develop and enhance Maths teaching across the country.

GCSEs for School Leavers

If you didn’t manage to achieve a grade 4 (C) in English or Maths at school you will automatically work towards gaining these qualifications as part of your main study programme at College.

Classes will normally take up about 3 hours per subject of your weekly timetable, and you will be taught by supportive and friendly tutors who provide lots of practical help and guidance.

GCSEs for Adult Learners

Having the right core qualifications are essential to be able to get into work, improve your CV or progress in further education; we have high success rates in supporting adult learners, many of whom have been away from education for some time, to achieve GCSEs in English and Maths.

Adult GCSE courses are usually free of charge and available both in the daytime and as evening courses, so you can fit studying around your other commitments.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills in English and Maths are Level 2 qualifications that equip learners with the essential competencies needed to live, learn, communicate and work successfully. If you need some help to prepare to do a GCSE course, Functional Skills qualifications will help you develop the practical confidence needed to move on to a Level 3 course.

Often delivered as part of a traineeship, students will focus on improving their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in order to prepare for further training, or successfully gain employment or work experience.

GCSE ‘Grade Booster’ Revision Sessions

If you are in Year 10 or 11 at school and would like some extra coaching in the lead-up to your exams, we offer ‘Grade Booster’ revision sessions to help you prepare for your GCSEs. These classes combine study skills training, revision techniques and practice papers to help you increase your confidence in order to achieve the best possible English and maths grades.

Classes last for one hour per week, cost £20 per session or £100 for a six-week block, and run after school in groups of up to six students.

For further details regarding times and start dates, please call 01329 815 200 or email

Studying GCSEs at Fareham College

If you are planning on studying with us after leaving school or as part of an apprenticeship, we’ll make sure your GCSEs are fully considered and included in your study plan.

If you are looking to study GCSEs on their own as a part time course, simply call us on 01329 815 200 to find out more.