At Fareham College, we have a range of student support facilities and services to enable you to achieve your very best and really enjoy your time at College.  Our teams of specialist support staff are here to help you from the moment you apply, right through to when you progress on to your chosen career or further training.

Our commitment to Student Support starts from the moment you enquire. Our Careers Centre Advisors have a wealth of experience in advising and supporting both current and future students on a variety of matters including course choice and progression. Before you join the College, our specialist team will be on hand to support you through the application process and discuss your intended career path and preferred course. They will also be able to advise you on appropriate progression routes and entry into university.


Our Employment Services Team is here to guide and support you in your ultimate goal of securing employment in your chosen career. The team is on-hand to provide advice on all aspects of employability and work-based learning to help equip you with the skills and expertise you will need to stand out in the employment market.

We also have the Employability Hub on-site at the BRC campus, a bespoke recruitment agency which matches jobs with your employment requirements – this includes both full time opportunities for after College, or part time work for you to do alongside your studies.  Local employers often hold recruitment days at the College and there are frequent workshops for tips on CV writing and interview techniques.

Student Services

Once you join the College, the Student Support Team continues to offer a friendly, informal and professional service to help you during your time here. The team can provide one-to-one support in addition to your tutorial programme, and can give advice on issues such as welfare, finances and travel.

Our Student Support Team is also here to handle safeguarding issues that are reported and can liaise with the relevant authorities when we identify students that may be at risk. For more information, use the link below.

Safeguarding Information

Tutorial Support

Each student has a personal tutor whose role is to provide ongoing support and guidance, and is responsible for monitoring your progress and welfare.

You will meet with your tutor weekly, and tutorial sessions will include:

  • One-to-one meetings to monitor your progress, attendance, address any difficulties and provide individual support.
  • Group tutorials where you will meet with your personal tutor and tutor group to discuss College-wide updates and other matters of general importance and interest, including enhancing vital employability skills.
  • Guidance with initial careers and higher education advice, and help with the university, apprenticeship or further education application process.
  • Your tutor will also, in collaboration with your subject lecturers, write a reference for use in future university of job applications.

Learning Support

The Learning Support team offers support to all students requiring additional help in order to undertake their studies. This includes those students in receipt of an Education, Health and Care plan. A range of support is offered, and tailored, to meet a student’s individual needs depending on the nature of their difficulty or disability. We provide dedicated support to students who have hearing, visual or physical impairments, and specialist advice is available for students with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia.

We regard every student as an individual and the Additional Learning Support (ALS) team provides a highly effective support network across College, enabling students to achieve on their chosen course.

We ask for information at the interview stage so that we can prepare support plans in advance. However, you will be given many opportunities to request support once you have started at the College.

Support varies according to the individual and many students find that assistance in-class addresses their needs. We can provide additional in-class support for students if required, and a Study Centre for out-of-class support which can be accessed on a drop-in basis. We can also offer one-to-one reading programmes for more complex reading difficulties.

Drop-in support in the Study Centre is available for students needing more than in-class support.

The Study Centre is always staffed and supervised and is a calm, productive area highly regarded by our students. We can help with assignments, research, study skills, English and maths, EFL, reading support and tailored programmes for individual needs.

We also identify and arrange any specific requirements needed for students to complete assessments or exams as part of their course.

For students with Asperger Syndrome or ASD, we have a quiet room which is accessible via the Study Centre

There is a wide range of specialist equipment available at the College, and to loan from the Learning Resources Centres which enables many students to work more independently.

We also have a reading programme designed to help improve reading skills, and more information about this can be provided at your interview.

We will make any reasonable adjustment in order to ensure you are able to achieve to your highest potential at College and are happy to discuss individual requirements with you, preferably before your course begins.

We use external agencies for any student needing a continuation of services received at school, for example Specialist Teacher Advisors for Hearing Impairment/Visual Impairment.

Fareham College provides support in a number of ways for those who require extra help or have a disability.

Hampshire County Council has a dedicated website for children and young people with special educational needs, which contains information about the support that is on offer.

Visit Website

If you have a medical condition of which we need to be aware, please ensure we have full details before your course begins. Medical conditions can be managed via multidisciplinary teamwork and support where appropriate.

If you have received extra help while you were at school, and have any reports or documents relating to a particular difficulty or disability, we would appreciate a copy in advance in order to plan appropriate support.  We do, however, request information from schools in Year 11 if we are given details at your interview.

Students and parents retain the right not to disclose information concerning support needs, but you should be aware that this may affect your performance at College.

Y Services for Young People

At Fareham, our biggest commitment is to ensuring you are happy, healthy, safe, and able to take a positive and fully supported approach to your education and life in general.

At some point, almost everyone needs a little extra help, encouragement, guidance or reassurance, and we believe that all students should have easy access to support during challenging or difficult times.

We work in close collaboration with Y Services, a local organisation who specialises in providing a range of support to meet the personal and social development needs of young people. The Y Services team are regularly on-site at our BRC and CEMAST campuses to provide one-to-one support with a range of wellbeing issues, including anxiety, stress, being a young carer, time and study management, and a range of health-related issues.

College Pastors

The aim of the College Pastors is to engage students and staff in ways that help them experience and explore fullness of life at different levels, in a safe environment.

We are a multi-cultural College and will do all we can to accommodate any specific religious requirements our students have during their time with us.